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Integrated: Geology and Geophysics
Special Sessions
  • Monday, 30 September
  • Tuesday, 01 October
  • Wednesday, 02 October
  1. Exhibition Area
    09:00 Unlocking the H2 Potential in Saudi Arabia: Exploring Serpentinites as a Source for H2 Production
    K. SAIDY*
    09:00 Evaluating the Geothermal Potential in Depleted Hydrocarbon Fields: A Case Study of Cambrian Reservoirs in Lithuania
    P. Makauskas, A. Rashid, I. Kaminskaite-Baranauskiene, M. Pal*
    09:00 Assessment of Underground Hydrogen Production and Storage in Depleted hydrocarbon Fields in Lithuania
    A. Verma, M. Pal*
    09:00 Harmonizing Humanity and Nature: Exploring Economical Feedstock for Oleaginous Fungi Aiming Sustainable Biofuel Solutions
    R. Tripathi*, N. Srivastava, Y. S. Yadav, J. Kumar, K. L. Pangtey
    09:00 Towards Net Zero: Lowering GHG Emissions and Production Cost with Thermophilic Bacteria and N2 Biogas
    M. Fustic*1, 2, C. Hubert, J. Chen, E. Bell, S. Bryant
    09:00 Pitching for a Cradle-to-Gate Carbon Footprint Calculator for the Marble Industry in Oman
    A. Ali*, M. A. El-GhAli*, S. Nasir, S. Al Khirbash, M. Moustafa, I. Khan, M. Ali*
    09:00 Graph Deep Learning on Stream Network for Targeting Metal Deposits and Potential Application for Other Earth Resources Exploration
    F. M. Sihombing*1, 2, R. M. Palin, H. S. Hughes, L. Robb
    09:00 Unlocking Geothermal Potential: A Comprehensive Study of Southern Pakistan's Energy Reservoirs Using Advanced Modeling, Machine Learning, and Mapping
    R. Rauf*, Z. .
    09:00 Steam Generation using Renewables Energy – Integrated Green Energy Solution for EOR Operations
    A. AL LAWATI*, I. H. Al Siyabi, M. LAWATI*, M. Al Ajmi, H. Al Hashmi, S. Al Harthy
    09:00 A Global Characterisation of Hydrogen Plays: Placing Order into Variability
    O. E. Sutcliffe*
    09:00 Exploring Natural Hydrogen Potential in Saudi Arabia
    M. Fawad*, S. Whattam, K. SAIDY, A. A. Al-Shuhail, A. A. Al-Shuhail, S. Chattopadhyay, I. Farooqui, F. A. Sulistyohariyanto, M. C. Ramirez
    09:00 Repurposing Existing Oil Reservoirs Towards Net-Zero Hydrogen Production with Carbon Sequestration
    S. LAKE*, E. Lish, P. Target
    09:00 Exploring for Natural Hydrogen in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
    P. H. Swire*, G. Firpo, R. Heath, S. Lawrence, I. Hutchinson, J. Watson
    09:00 Mid-Deep Geothermal Potential and Occurrence Patterns in the Red River Fault Zone, Southwestern China
    X. Tang*, W. Ma, L. Wang, G. Liang
    09:00 Geothermal Prospectivity in Turkiye
    A. Saez Fuentes*
  2. Exhibition Area
    09:00 Benefits of Automation of Well Model Management in Digital Transformation Journey
    H. AlRashedi, B. Muhsain, B. A. Abosido*, S. Singh, N. Negi, D. Cordoba
    09:00 Deep Insights Using Wells Around Formation Issues [WAFI]: A Machine Learning Approach to Identifying Field Issues from Daily Drilling Reports
    A. A. Al-Taha, T. Al Sulaimani, A. Al Bahri*
    09:00 Identifying Prospective Geothermal Reservoirs in Syria's Palmyrides Fold Belt: A Multi-Dimensional Approach
    M. Alriahy*, V. kazpard
    09:00 Data Ingestion Pipelines for Seismic Crew
    V. D. Raj*
    09:00 Decoding Sisi Nubi: Advancing Field Development Through Strategic Data Analytics
    P. Sjahbunan*, B. Fatkhurroyan, B. S. Handoko, J. Sianturi
    09:00 Wireless Field Communication Protocols Analogy for Wellhead Monitoring & Upstream SCADA in Kuwait Oil Company: A Review
    H. A. AlMutairi*
    09:00 Transformative Approach to Enhancing Water Well Integrity and Monitoring in KOC West Kuwait Fields: A Case Study
    H. A. AlMutairi*
    09:00 Advancements in Oil and Gas Operations through Integration of Remote Sensing Ligowave Technology with Downhole Gauges: A Case Study from Kuwait Oil Company
    H. A. AlMutairi*
    09:00 Unlocking The Reservoir Flow and Water Saturation Evaluation in South Kuwait Area Using Production Logging and Pulsed Neutron Measurements While Lifting the Well by Flow Jet Pump Technology
    H. A. Alkandari*
    09:00 Eff0-UNet: A Novel Deep Learning Architecture for Subsurface Salt Body Segmentation
    J. Atolagbe*, O. Adekeye, A. Koeshidayatullah, O. Akindele
    09:00 A New Method for Predicting Sweet Spot Intervals of Continental Shale Oil Based on the Combination of Multi-Scale Variable Selection, Catboost and Arithmetic Optimization Algorithm
    X. Fan*
    09:00 Fracture Characterization of Lower Cretaceous Shu'aiba Formation Outcrops to Address Inter-well Structural Uncertainties in Shu’aiba Reservoirs
    R. Iakusheva*, Y. Panara, V. Vahrenkamp
    09:00 Integrating Seismic Inversion and Machine Learning for Facies Probability Estimation: A Comparative Analysis of Chi Angle-Based Approach and AI Cube-Based Approach
    R. Rauf*, Z. .
    09:00 Quantitative Prediction of Deep Tight Sandstone Reservoir Production Capacity Under Different Source-Reservoir Assemblages Based on Deep Neural Network
    Y. Wang*, D. Chen, F. Wang*
  3. Exhibition Area
    09:00 The Cryogenian to Ediacaran of Oman - New Age, Geochemical and Sedimentological Constraints on the Saqlah, Fiq and Hadash Formations
    N. Wyndham, A. S. Collins*, M. L. Blades, D. Subarkah, G. M. Virgo, M. Al-Kiyumi, W. Bauer
    09:00 True Formation Resistivity: A Comparative Study of True Formation Resistivity Inverted from Laterolog and EM Resistivity Sensors in a High-Angle Well – A Case Study from Oman
    S. AlSawafi*, A. Taher, M. AlMahrouqi, H. AlAmri, S. AlShukri
    09:00 Discovering Tertiary Reservoir Potential, Challenges and Appraisal Journey
    M. S. Al Harrasi*, A. Al Harrasi*, A. Al Naabi, M. Al Harthi, M. Al Rawahi, S. Al Siyabi, K. Al Subhi
    09:00 Age of the Basement to the Arabian Petroleum System: U-Pb Zircon/Apatite and In-Situ Rb-Sr LA-ICP-MS/MS Dates from Beneath Central and East Saudi Arabia
    A. S. Collins*, A. Redaa1, 2, M. Vecoli, A. Alwaheed
    09:00 Depositional Milieu of Late Paleoproterozoic Kajrahat Formation, Vindhyan Basin, Central India Based on 3D Seismic Study
    S. S. Panwar*, J. Tripathi, S. Kumar, S. Suyash, G. Joshi
    09:00 The Maximum Depth of Hydrocarbon Accumulation and Implications for Oil and Gas Exploration: A Case Study for the Tarim Basin, China
    C. Li*1, 2, X. Pang1, 2, T. Pu1, 2
    09:00 Seismically Defined Clastic Depositional Trends Within the Rub Al Khali, Saudi Arabia
    L. G. Giroldi*, Y. S. Nuaim
    09:00 Hydrocarbon Potential and Play Types of the Carandayty Sub-basin (Paraguay): Insights from Comprehensive Geological and Geophysical Analysis
    J. A. Angulo*, I. De Barros, G. Franco
    09:00 A Glimpse into Lebanon's Future in Oil and Gas
    Z. H. Palacios*, C. Ross
    09:00 Application of Tectonostratigraphic Analysis in Frontier Basins – A Case Study from Kirthar Foldbelt, Pakistan
    M. Z. Khan*, G. Murtaza
    09:00 Can India Be the Next Exploration Hotspot? – A Case Study to Evaluate the Exploration Strategies and Development Concepts for Fast-Track Monetization in Deepwater and Ultra-Deepwater Areas
    P. Goyal*
  4. Exhibition Area
    09:00 Horizontal Well Design and Completion Optimization in the Greater Burgan Field for Heterogeneous Thin Sands, a Case Study
    B. J. alshatti*
    09:00 Bridging the Gap Between Petroleum Systems Modelling and Prospect Assessment – How to Consistently Predict Hydrocarbon Phase and Column Height
    M. Neumaier*, I. Bryant, B. Kurtenbach, E. Gebhardt
    09:00 Novel strategy to Control the Elevated Drizzle Scale in Chemical EOR Pilot with Unfavorable Harsh Environment of Giant Sandstone Reservoir in North Kuwait
    M. Khan*, F. Al-Mutairi, M. Al-Murayri, S. Eadulapally
    09:00 De-Risking Hydrocarbon Charge for the Post Salt Haushi- Haima Play in the Greater Harweel Area, South Oman Salt Basin (SOSB)
    K. M. Al Hadhrami*
    09:00 Fast Track Development of a Carbonate Field in North of Oman
    M. A. Al Shaqsi*
    09:00 The Potentiality of Lam Member of Madbi Formation as Reservoir and Producer of Hydrocarbon in Block S2, Sab’atayn Basin Yemen
    A. S. Ghurab*
    09:00 The Role of Igneous Centers in Sedimentary Basins and Their Impact on Energy Resource Plays
    B. Kilhams*, N. Schofield, L. Layfield, A. Ibrahim
    09:00 Mudstones Sealing Capacity of the Cenozoic Formations of the Red Sea Basin
    F. Almohsen*, R. Collier, Q. Fisher
    09:00 East Oman Offshore Satellite Oil Seeps Repeats: The Ultimate Witnesses of a Mesozoic Hidden Basin in the Masirah Trough?
    09:00 Turbidite Outcrops from Malaysia: Analogues for the Deep-Water Petroleum System
    H. M. Baioumy*
    09:00 Organic Geochemistry and Source Rock Characteristics of Carandayty Sub-Basin, Paraguay
    J. A. Angulo*, I. De Barros
    09:00 Re-Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Generation Potential of Carbonate Rocks
    J. Zhang*
    09:00 Identifying Unusual Radioactive Responses within Sand Dominating Formations for an Optimized Well Placement
    M. Alidan*, A. Shobeili, A. Kassem
    09:00 Petroleum Systems Characterization Based on Organic Geochemistry Interpretation in Oman basins
    Y. KEDZIERSKI*, O. Laurent
  5. Exhibition Area
    09:00 Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality of the Neoproterozoic Ara Carbonates in the South Oman Salt Basin
    S. A. Al Rahbi*, M. A. El-Ghali, M. Moustafa, Z. Al Rawahi, A. Al-Harthy
    09:00 Unveiling the Potential of Lower Cambrian Karim Formation in the Eastern South Oman Salt Basin through Sedimentology and Stratigraphic Evaluation
    H. Al Rawahi*, B. Al Thohli, A. Al Rashdi, S. Al Marjibi, B. Baloushi
    09:00 Unlocking the Middle Cambrian Maximum Flooding Surface Conundrum of West Gondwana Continental Margin Along the Southeast Arabian Plate
    M. A. El-Ghali*, I. Ahmed Abbasi, M. Moustafa, O. S. Hersi, A. Ali, O. Shelukhina, M. Farfour
    09:00 Facies Characteristics, Depositional Environment, and Biostratigraphy of the Late Cretaceous Shallow Bioclastic Simsima Formation along the Oman Mountain Belt
    M. S. Al-Jabri*
    09:00 Stratigraphic Framework and Nomenclature of the Precambrian and Paleozoic Successions in the Sirt Basin, Libya
    I. E. Elkanouni*
    09:00 Mechanisms of Environmental Effects of Extreme Heat Events: The Karatal Formation of the Eocene Tarim Basin as an Example
    X. Liu*, F. Jiang
    09:00 Facies Analysis and Reservoir Quality of the Early Ordovician Braided Deposits of Saudi Arabia, Outcrop Approach
    M. S. Osman*, A. Adam, M. Bashri
    09:00 Neo-Proterozoic Hydrocarbon Reservoir: A Case Study from the Khufai Formation, Nafun Group, Block 50, Sultanate of Oman
    M. Phukan, M. Hopkinson, R. Al Lawati, S. Siddiqi*, S. AlShehyari, A. AlMunaifi, B. Mansour, K. Antonijevic, I. Abdullah, S. Ali Al Bimani, A. Al Hammadi, M. AlSalmani, A. Al Ghafri
    09:00 Factors Controlling High-Resolution Petrophysical Variations in a Fine-Grained Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate System: The Neogene of the Eastern Saudi Arabia
    M. Syahputra*, A. Alqubalee3, 2, A. Herlambang, K. Al Ramadan3, 2, A. Koeshidayatullah3, 2
    09:00 Expression of Late Holocene Regression on an Arid, Monsoon-Impacted Upper Ramp/Carbonate Coastal Barrier System – Bar al Hikman, Oman
    T. teillet*1, 2, P. Homewood, M. Mettraux, A. Petrovic, P. khanna, G. Spada, D. melini, V. Vahrenkamp1, 2
    09:00 Microfacies Analysis, Depositional Environment and Chemostratigraphy of the Early Cretaceous Habshan Formation in Jabal Akhdar, Northern Oman: Insights into Reservoir Characterization
    I. I. Alhamadani*, M. Moustafa, M. A. El-Ghali, I. Ahmed Abbasi
    09:00 Neoichnological Characteristics of Hypersaline Environments: Insights from the East Coast of Saudi Arabia
    K. Ayranci*, I. A. AlHilali, A. Abdlmutalib, S. D. Prayudi, M. A. Kaminski, A. D. La Croix, S. E. Dashtgard
    09:00 Composition, Origin, and Maturation of the Paleozoic Source Rocks Outcrop Analogue, Saudi Arabia
    M. Alajmia, A. Alotaibi, A. Qadrouh, H. M. Baioumy*, M. Almalki, M. Alyousif, A. Bin Rogaib
    09:00 Sediment Geochemistry of the Barail Group of Rocks in Parts of Upper Assam Basin and Adjoining Belt of Schuppen of Nagaland: Implications for Source Composition, Sedimentary Processes and Tectonic Setting
    D. Bhuyan*
    09:00 Deciphering the Genesis of Methane-Derived Authigenic Carbonates in the Enigmatic Makassar Strait, Indonesia: A Multiproxy Approach
    A. Herlambang*, S. S. Angkasa, A. Koeshidayatullah3, 1, H. D. Nugraha, M. A. Afnan, E. Suparka, K. Al Ramadan3, 1
    09:00 The Dramtic Climate Change at the Pliensbachian - Toarcian Boundary: Evidence from the Causses Basin, Southern France
    D. M. Truempy*
    09:00 Effects of Diagenetic Alterations on Reservoir and Aquifer Quality of the Cambro-Ordovician Saq Formation, Central Saudi Arabia
    A. M. Bello*, A. M. Salisu, A. Alqubalee, A. Amao, M. Al-Hashem, A. Al-Hussaini, K. Al Ramadan2, 1
  1. Grand Ballroom A & B
    Eskil Jerking
    09:45 Speaker S. Zurquiyah*
    09:45 Speaker H. Al Shammery*
    09:45 Speaker E. Okpere*
    09:45 Speaker A. Al Azkawi*
  1. Grand Ballroom A & B
    Mike Simmons
    11:45 Speaker A. Heward*
    11:45 Speaker A. Afifi*
  2. Room Meeting Room 8 & 9
    11:50 From Petrophysical to Depositional Facies in a Middle Upper Jurassic Carbonate Sequence of the Arabian Plate (Northern Iraq)
    R. Di Cuia*, E. Battara, A. ricciato, S. borello, N. Chikina, O. Grobushkina, A. Mazarovich, A. Murashka, R. Ismagilov
    12:10 Foredeep Development along the Late Cretaceous Obduction Orogen in North Oman
    H. Droste*, B. Levell, M. Searle1, 2
    12:30 Sequence Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous Arabian Platform: Data Based Guidelines for Conceptual Models?
    P. RAZIN*, C. Grelaud, E. Dujoncquoy
    12:50 Intra-Turonian Stratigraphic Reorganisation on the Arabian Plate: An Important Element of Petroleum Prospectivity
    M. Simmons*1, 3, M. Bidgood, A. Bromhead, R. Davies, H. Droste, B. Levell, P. Razin, F. van Buchem
  3. Room Meeting Room 10 & 11
    11:50 Nature and Occurrence, Geochemical Characteristics, and Families of the Crude Oils in Sirt Basin, Libya: Implication for Regional Super Rift Basin Petroleum System
    K. Albriki*1, 2, W. Guoqi, T. Abitkazy, F. Wang, R. El Zaroug, A. Abdullah
    12:10 A General Kinematic Representation of the Lithosphere to Constrain Thermal Modeling of Sedimentary Basins
    R. Traby*, K. Hirsch, P. Filleaudeau, C. Nielsen, F. Sapin
    12:30 Hydrocarbon Plumbing System in the Oman Basin: Insights from Tricyclic and Tetracyclic Profiles, Steranes, and Carbon Isotope Analysis
    S. B. Abdul Razak*, R. Das
    12:50 Integrated Charge Evaluation of a Prospect in South Oman Salt Basin
    S. H. Al Shaqsi*, M. AL GHAMMARI, B. Al Mamari
  4. Room Meeting Room 13 & 14
    11:50 Bioturbation Effects on Fracture Characterization in Carbonate Rocks: Insights from the Aruma Formation, Central Saudi Arabia
    N. A. Saraih*, H. Eltom, R. Goldstein, A. El-Husseiny, S. Hanafy, S. Whattam, J. Humphrey, M. Salih
    12:10 Characterization of Fracture Networks: Examples from Outcrop Analogues of the Late Jurassic Jubaila Formation
    Y. Panara*, T. Finkbeiner, N. Menegoni, R. Zühlke, V. Vahrenkamp
    12:30 Architecture and Mechanical Stratigraphy of Carbonate Slope Systems: Case Study of a Mississippian Crinoidal Deep-Water Fan System, Doña Ana Member, Lake Valley Fm Sacramento Mts, New Mexico
    Z. N. Nadhim*
  1. Room Grand Ballroom A & B
    14:45 Unlock Potential and Applied First Microseismic Monitoring Of Hydraulic Stimulation in Tight Carbonate, North Kuwait
    S. A. Eissa*
    15:05 Unconventional Opportunities with Masirah Bay Sand Formation in Oxy Oman’s Block 53
    A. R. Al Dighaishi*
    15:25 Unlocking Hydrocarbon Potential of Natih-B in Block-5, Case Study
    M. A. Hasani*, A. Naabi, H. Suqri, M. AbdelGhaffar
    15:45 Unlocking the Potential of Deep Carbonate Unconventional Gas Play: An Integrated Seismic Reservoir and Fracture Characterization Onshore Abu Dhabi
    H. Mahmood*, J. Ahmed, O. Kirstetter, C. Burgess, S. Mykhaylenko
  2. Room Grand Ballroom C
    14:45 Depositional and Diagenetic Characteristics of a Complex Ediacaran Carbonate Reservoir: The Khufai Formation of the East-Central Sultanate of Oman
    S. A. Al Balushi*, P. Grech, K. Al Rahbi, W. Fitchen, W. S. Mills
    15:05 Intrinsic Controls on the Ara Sequence-Stratigraphic Framework from the Northern Rim of the South Oman Salt Basin
    J. Rush*, J. Grotzinger, A. Kaba, N. Rodriguez, J. Tautfest
    15:25 The Late Neoproterozoic Buah Formation of Oman: Regional Correlation and Reservoir Quality
    J. Smewing*, M. Al-Salmani, A. Ilic
    15:45 First in situ Carbonate U-Pb Geochronology on the Ediacaran Sequence in Saudi Arabia: New Insights and Implications
    A. Koeshidayatullah*, Z. Lan, M. Malik, A. Herlambang, K. Al-Ramadan
  3. Room Meeting Room 8 & 9
    14:45 The Implementation of AI Based Fracture Modeling to Conquer the Challenges in Unconventional Tight Limestone Reservoir
    K. Nguyen*
    15:05 Unlocking Cambrian Amin Reservoir Using Machine Learning and Conventional Deterministic Seismic Inversions, Sultanate of Oman
    M. M. Al Hadhrami*, S. Al Busaidi, O. Al Harrasi, A. Al Hajri, S. Prakash, S. Gesbert, T. Merrifield
    15:25 Identifying Prospective Geothermal Reservoirs in Syria's Palmyrides Fold Belt: A Multi-Dimensional Approach
    M. Alriahy*, V. kazpard
    15:45 Enhancing Reservoir Facies Prediction Through Seismic Inversion and Machine Learning: A Comparative Approach
    U. Younas*, M. Ali, Z. ., A. Iqbal Bhatti, A. Javed
  4. Room Meeting Room 10 & 11
    14:45 Geological H2 Systems – Prospect Assessment
    M. Neumaier*, E. Masini, S. Jammes, M. Ducoux, J. Gomez-Romeu, R. Lescoutre
    15:05 Airborne Geophysical Technologies for Natural Hydrogen Exploration
    D. Moore*, A. Lockwood, A. Mantilla-Pimiento, J. Feijth
    15:25 Natural (White) Hydrogen Potential in the Red Sea Region
    A. Delaunay*, G. Baby, A. M. Alafifi
    15:45 Modeling Natural Hydrogen Systems: Extending the Basin Modeler’s Comfort Zone
    D. Palmowski*, A. Kleine, N. Fernandez2, 1, G. Ellis, G. C. Tari
  5. Room Meeting Room 13 & 14
    14:45 3-D Magnetotelluric (MT) Modelling Using Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) Data as Constraints for Imaging the Geothermal Reservoir in Saudi Arabia
    A. Ashadi*1, 2, B. Tezkan, P. Yogeshwar, T. Hanstein, P. Kirmizakis, A. Khogali, K. Chavanidis, P. Soupios
    15:05 Near Surface Characterization of Middle East Land Data by Elastic Full-Waveform Inversion of Surface Waves
    A. Sedova*, M. Reinier, D. Donno, G. Lambaré, D. Carotti
    15:25 Time-to-Depth Conversion Using Seismic Inversion Products: A Successful Application on Synthetic and Real Data
    M. Farfour*, M. A. El-Ghali, M. Moustafa
    15:45 Understanding Triassic Sudair Trap Configuration and Rock Properties Through Quantitative Interpretation, Sultanate of Oman
    A. M. Al Kiyumi*, O. Al Harrasi, I. Al Rashdi
  1. Room Grand Ballroom A & B
    16:35 Unlocking Hidden Potential: A Case Study of Carbonate Field B's Transformation Through Step-Out Drilling
    A. Al Araimi*
    16:55 Ultra-K: A New Term Used to Define the Fluid Behavior Driven by Hypogenic Dissolution Features in a Subsurface Carbonate Formation, Saudi Arabia
    P. Tarabbia*, A. Mansor
    17:15 Integrated Subsurface Evaluation of Telisa Sand in Lindai Field, Central Sumatra Basin: A Comprehensive Study on Geological, Petrophysical, and Reservoir Production Aspects
    R. Thabrani*, I. Fajri Dwiyono, A. Try Soesilo, M. Subhan, J. Tobing, H. Sipahutar
    17:35 Agile and Iterative Workflows for Swift Development Planning: Transforming Oil Field Development in Central Oman
    R. Borbajo, B. Bashokooh*
  2. Room Grand Ballroom C
    16:35 Experimental Study of Chlorite Authigenesis: New Insights from Detrital Clay Precursors
    A. M. Salisu*, A. M. Bello, A. Koeshidayatullah, A. Amao, K. Al Ramadan1, 2
    16:55 Origins and Paragenesis of Late Diagenetic Fe-carbonate and Sulphate Cements in Devonian Marginal Marine to Fluvio-Deltaic Sandstones of Saudi Arabia
    S. F. Greenfield*, H. Algheryafi, M. Alqattan
    17:15 Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality of the Late Neoproterozoic Buah Formation Based on Core Data from East Central Oman
    M. Al-Salmani*1, 2, M. Moustafa, M. A. El-Ghali, J. Smewing, A. Ilic
    17:35 Regional to Field-Scale Structural Reconstruction: The Key in Understanding the Paleo-Topography and Building a Conceptional Depositional Model of a Complex Glacial Reservoirs - A Case Study from South of Oman
    M. AL Senani*
  3. Room Meeting Room 8 & 9
    16:35 New Exploration Play Concepts in the North Sumatra Basin, Indonesia: Subsurface Insights from around Timpan-1
    M. A. Reynald*, J. Jennings, C. Gravestock, T. Jewell
    16:55 Changing the Exploration Perspective in the Sea of Oman
    N. Hodgson*
    17:15 Seismically Defined Clastic Depositional Trends Within the Rub Al Khali, Saudi Arabia
    L. G. Giroldi*, Y. S. Nuaim
    17:35 De-risking Trapping Structures Through Depth Reprocessing in Orange Basin, Namibia
    E. Kay*, F. Winter
  4. Room Meeting Room 10 & 11
    16:35 Hydrogen Storage in a Saline Aquifer within the North German Basin
    T. B. Weisenberger*, M. B. Febbo, W. David, L. Döpp, M. Singh, A. Eckel, J. Kummerow, P. Pilz, C. Schmidt-Hattenberger, I. Sass
    16:55 Impact of Reservoir Properties, Cushion Gas Type, and Well Configuration on Performance of Hydrogen Storage in Gas Fields
    D. Nagy, A. Baghirov, R. Al Mjeni, R. Farajzadeh*1, 2
    17:15 Geological H2 Systems – Exploration Play Assessment
    E. Masini*, S. Jammes, M. Ducoux, J. Gomez-Romeu, R. Lescoutre, M. Neumaier
    17:35 Subsurface Storage of Energy Carriers: Lessons Learned in Europe – Options in the Middle East
    P. A. Kukla*1, 2, S. Back
  5. Room Meeting Room 13 & 14
    16:35 Structural Inheritance and Style within the Getic Depression, South Carpathians, Romania
    Z. Schleder*, A. Lăpădat, O. Fernández, D. Tămas, A. Tămas, S. Filipescu, C. Krézsek, M. Rădoias, M. Vasiliu
    16:55 Integrative Structural Analysis of a Prospective Zone Affected by Inversion, Abu Gharadig Basin, Western Desert, Egypt
    J. Witte*, L. Vergara, A. Farouk, J. Versfelt, T. Ellaithy
    17:15 Structural Evolution and Impact on the Hydrocarbon Potentials of the Southernmost Part of the Northern Zagros Mountains (Iraq, Kurdistan Region)
    R. Di Cuia*, O. Grobushkina, A. Mazarovich, S. Wsoo, D. Ibrahim
    17:35 Tectonic Transition of Extensional Faults to Strike-Slip Faults and Their Control on Hydrocarbon Entrapment: An Outcrop to Regional Synthesis of Southern Kirthar Fold Belt, NW Indian Plate
    A. A. Halepoto*, M. H. Agheem, A. A. Hakro, S. Ahmed, R. A. Lashari, S. B. Ahmedani
  1. Grand Ballroom A & B
    Dorine Terwogt
    09:00 Speaker S. Adiletta*
    09:00 Speaker F. Alajlan*
  2. Exhibition Area
    09:00 Geochemical Analysis of CO2 Storage in Lithuanian Deep Saline Aquifers: Implications for Long-Term Carbon Capture and Storage Feasibility
    S. Malik, S. Lal, M. Pal*, R. Sharma
    09:00 Application of Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA) for the Safety and Environmental Assessment of CO2 Storage
    B. Durrani*, S. Karimi, M. Novakovic, L. Hutton
    09:00 Impacts of Caprock Wettability and Rock-Fluid Interfacial Tension on Hydrogen and CO2 Geo-Storage
    M. Ali*, T. Finkbeiner, H. Hoteit
    09:00 Utilizing Seismic Inversion to Reduce Uncertainties in a Central Oman Saline Aquifer CO2 Storage (CCS)
    F. AlJiroudi*
    09:00 Geological Evaluation of the CO2 Storage Potential and Possible CCS Development in the Central Area of Paraná State, Brazil
    A. Arietti, V. Marous, M. E. Patamia, A. Ortiz*, V. R. Aguirre
    09:00 Influence of Rock Alteration in Carbonates by CO2 injection, on Reservoir and Geomechanical Integrity of a Carbon Capture and Storage Unit
    S. A. Islam*
    09:00 Seismic-ML Fusion for Optimized CCUS Site Selection: A Case Study on Volve Dataset
    B. Syed*, B. Hungund
    09:00 Refined Screening Criteria for Carbonate Buildups as Potential CO2 Storage Sites: Insights from Central Luconia, Malaysia
    R. Masoudi, S. nayak*, A. Panting, O. Keong, C. Singh, M. Diah
    09:00 Monetizing Sour Gas Fields Through Integrated Field Development and Storage Development Plans: Case Studies from Malaysia Offshore Basins
    R. Masoudi, S. nayak*, A. Panting, C. Singh, M. Diah
    09:00 Carbon Storage Prospect Assessment – Integrating Uncertainty on Pore Space, PVT, Seal and CO2 Plume Shape
    M. Neumaier*, I. Bryant, B. Kurtenbach, E. Gebhardt
    09:00 Application of Seal Integrity and Fault Connectivity Analysis in Selecting Suitable Subsurface Geological Sites for Carbon Capture and Storage
    J. K. Maximus*
    09:00 CO2 Mineral Trapping Opportunities in Western Kazakhstan Sedimentary Basins – A Preliminary Geological Screening Results and Research Directions
    M. Fustic*1, 2, G. Mathews, B. Tutolo, A. Schepetkina, R. Weibel, S. Kandozi, V. Slipko, M. L. Leila1, 6, R. D. Hazlett, R. Iltukov
    09:00 Mineral Transformation and Stage of CO2-Water-Sandstone and -Mudstone Reactions in CO2 Geological Storage
    Z. Wang*, X. Tang, T. Jing, Z. Guan, Z. Li
    09:00 Nationwide Oman Surface Deformation Assessment for CCUS Site Selection
    M. S. ALSULAIMANI*, S. Al Azri, A. Al Mawali, J. Scoular, H. Maljaars, P. Bas Leezenberg, K. Bisdom, A. Di Matteo, D. Repol, S. Large
    09:00 Mitigating Induced Seismicity Risks of CO2 Storage: Are Best Practices from Oil and Gas Applicable to CCS?
    B. Durrani*, S. Karimi, L. Hutton
    09:00 An Assessment of Carbon Storage Parameters in Unused Reservoirs: A Case Study in Central Oman
    M. A. Al Belushi*
    09:00 Repurposing Depleted Oil and Gas Wells for Renewable Energy
    Y. Fesina*, R. M. Greiss
    09:00 How Regional Partnerships can Impact Industrial Decarbonization Efforts: An Overview of the Carbon Utilization and Storage Partnership of the Western USA
    R. S. Balch*, B. McPherson, G. el-kaseeh, J. Raney
  3. Exhibition Area
    09:00 Taking Carbonate Microfacies Classification to the Next-Level with Self-Supervised Vision Transformers
    A. Koeshidayatullah*, A. Elkady, C. M. John
    09:00 A Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence Application Successfully Implemented in the Great Burgan Field to Construct Comprehensive Petrophysical Datasets from Pulsed Neutron Logging Measurements Acquired Through Pipe
    S. N. Abduljabbar*
    09:00 Obtaining a Complete Well Log Dataset Using Artificial Intelligence Tools
    H. Uzkeda Apesteguia1, 3, O. Vidal Royo*, A. Amilibia, F. O. Escosa
    09:00 Towards Self-Labelled Carbonate Datasets with Stable Diffusion: Strategies and Implications
    A. Elkady, A. Koeshidayatullah*
    09:00 Streamlining Core to Log Depth Adjustment Workflow for Accurate Matching
    Z. ALIBRAHIM*, Y. Zayer, C. Xu
    09:00 Logging Curve Restoration Techniques: Do We Need AI for That?
    09:00 Blank Strip Filling Method for Electrical Logging Images Based on the Combination of Convolution Neural Network and Transformer
    P. XU*, G. ZUO, L. YANG, C. WANG
    09:00 Development of an Automated Thin Section Image Analysis Using Machine Learning and Image Processing Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry
    R. Al Maskari*, F. Knap, F. Khalilzadeh, P. Celebi, A. Al-Harthy, Z. Al Rawahi, N. Al-Sinawi, S. Al Brashdi
    09:00 Construction of Digital Outcrop Models (DOM) in a Highly Structurally Complex Area of the Middle Magdalena Valley Basin (VMM, Colombia) Integrating Interpreted Seismic Structural Data
    Y. A. Parada*1, 2, C. G. Garzón
    09:00 Fracture Intensity and Associated Variability: Insights from Jurassic Arab Formation Outcrop Analogues, Saudi Arabia
    S. A. Patino*, Y. Panara, G. Gaurav, R. Zühlke, V. Vahrenkamp
    09:00 Lithofacies Guided Core Description Using Unsupervised Machine Learning
    Y. LI*, W. Wang, M. Hawi
    09:00 Leveraging GANs and AI for Enhanced Well Logging Data Interpretation in the Digital Era
    A. A. Al-Fakih*, S. Kaka, A. Koeshidayatullah
    09:00 Predicting Validity of Pressure Points
    A. K. Haidar*1, 2
    09:00 Innovative AI-Based Pulsed Neutron Model to Predict Porosity and Lithology In Carbonate Reservoirs
    M. Saada*, M. Mamtimin, E. Negm
    09:00 Assessing the Dependability of Machine Learning Outcomes in Geosciences: Insights from Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Image Analysis
    K. Ayranci*, I. E. Yildirim, U. Waheed, U. E. Yildirim, J. MacEachern
  4. Exhibition Area
    09:00 Multi-Scale Pore Structure Characteristics of Deep Marine Shale and Its Controlling on Gas Transport Mode: Silurian Longmaxi Formation in Southern Sichuan, China
    S. He*
    09:00 Lithofacies Division and Oil-Bearing Evaluation of Middle and Low Maturity Shale
    T. Guo*, F. Jiang, D. Chen
    09:00 Reliability and Sensitivity Analysis of Global Gas Hydrate Resource Potential Evaluation Based on Mass Balance Method
    T. Pu*
    09:00 Reservoir Productivity Prediction through Geochemical Analysis and NMR Measurements in Source Rock Plays
    A. EID*, J. piotti, M. boudjatit
    09:00 Advanced Digital Rock Physics Analysis of Unconventional Reservoirs with Rich Kerogen Content
    A. Alabbad*1, 2, J. Dvorkin
    09:00 Photic Zone Euxinia and Hydrocarbon Source Potential of the Upper Paleocene Oil Shale Deposit in the Qintong Sag, Subei Basin, Eastern China
    Q. Huang*, X. Tang, X. chen, Y. Gao, L. Zan
    09:00 Comparative Evaluation of UK and U.S. Fiscal Regimes for Shale Gas Development: Implications for Investment
    B. Bassey*, E. A. Ana
    09:00 The Coupling Relationship between Sandstone Reservoir Densification and Hydrocarbon Charging: A Case Study of the Yanchang Formation in South Ordos Basin, China
    Z. Wang*
    09:00 GeoCellular Static Modelling of Basement Reservoir of Madanam field, Cauvery Basin,India
    D. K. Singh*1, 2
    09:00 Development Strategies of Fault-Controlled Fractured-Cavity Reservoirs in Tarim Fuman Oilfield
    T. Jiang, X. Deng, Q. Wang*, S. Li
    09:00 Gas Mixing Model in Complex Unconventional Tight Gas Sandstone Formations: Assessment of Long-Distance and Downward Migration
    M. A. Alrowaie*, Z. Almubarak, D. Sequeira, S. Qathami
    09:00 Research on Production Split and Residual Gas Distribution for Multi-layer Tight Gas Reservoir: Taking Block SZ of Sulige Gas Field as an Example
    A. Jia, G. Cheng*, Z. Guo, C. Chen, Q. Wang, B. Fu, Y. Jiang, P. Liu
    09:00 Results of Drilling and Stimulation Activity in the Southern Taroom Trough, Queensland, Australia - The Discovery of a New Deep Play in Permian Sediments
    G. Channon, P. Bekkers, S. C. Ramsden*, N. Young
    09:00 Handling Increased Water Rates by Using Compact Separation Modules with Novel Technology – KOC Experience
    09:00 Tight Sandstone Fracture Solutions: The Role of Image Logs and Horizontal Cores in Quantitative Assessment of Critically Stressed Fractures
    M. Mohanna*, A. M. Alawi, W. Wang
  5. Exhibition Area
    09:00 Research on Illumination Compensation Effect of Least Squares Migration
    B. Wang*, X. Wu, C. Ding, M. Yu, J. Gao, J. Song
    09:00 Diagenetic Mechanism Based Dolomite Mapping
    T. H. Almahamidh*, S. Zhang
    09:00 Integration of Deterministic Seismic Inversion with Machine Learning for Reservoir Characterization
    M. Farfour*, S. Gaci
    09:00 Utilization of Near-Seabed Velocity Modeling Techniques for Shallow Water Regions in the Caspian Sea
    B. Wang*, C. Ding, M. Yu, W. Wang*, X. Hu, J. Gao, J. Song
    09:00 Guiding Exploration and Development of the Cretaceous Shuaiba Carbonate Using Quantitative Interpretation: Success, Failure and Future
    O. Al Harrasi*, M. M. Al Hadhrami, K. Fayez, S. Al Busaidi
    09:00 Recent Developments in Land Nodal Seismic Data Acquisition
    A. Clark*
    09:00 Case Study: Optimizing Full-Waveform Inversion Reflectivity in Campeche Shallow-Water Area
    A. P. Alipi*, W. Kang, A. Aboulela, Z. Feng, D. Vigh
    09:00 A Step Change: Faster Land Seismic Acquisition with Blended Source Compressive Sensing in the Sultanate of Oman
    M. Al Hosni*, U. Aigbokhai, T. Al-AlWadhahi, A. Al-Ismaili, A. Al-Raqmi, O. AlDroushi, A. AlHarthi, I. Al-Hinai
    09:00 Probabilistic Use of Inverted Seismic Impedance as an Effective Tool for Mapping Reservoir Lateral Distributions, Specifically in a Case Study of Tight Thin Carbonate and Thin Clastic Interbedded Sand Shale Reservoirs
    Y. Khalifeh*, K. Al Kharusi
    09:00 Machine Learning Augments Quantitative Interpretation - A Crucial Guide to Static Model and Geomechanical Model Building
    A. K. Ray*, R. Dandapani, S. Devulapalli, S. Biswal
    09:00 Integrated Fault Sealing Analysis Techniques Based on the FMI, OBN Seismic Data and Reservoir Performance and Its Application in K Oilfield
    W. He, X. Chen*, S. Jiawen, W. Bo, X. Yaliang, W. Yadong, Y. Wenwen, X. Dengyi, L. Qiang, Y. Xiaohuan, H. Kongzhi, T. Zichang
    09:00 Integrated 4D Microgravity to Monitoring a Steamflooding in a Heavy Oil Field
    09:00 Oman: Seismic Quantitative Reservoir Characterization Examples
    O. Davogustto Cataldo*1, 2, M. Al Ghammari, M. Singhal, A. Saxena, R. Al Mjeni, S. Al-Amri
  6. Exhibition Area
    09:00 Diagenesis and Geochemistry of the Carbonate Facies, The Middle-Late Triassic Al Aziziyah Formation, Jifarah Basin, Northwest Libya
    M. Moustafa*, M. Pope, E. Grossman, I. Mriheel, M. A. El-Ghali
    09:00 Identification of Agat Formation Sand Fairways on the Måløy Slope, Norwegian North Sea
    I. Pene*, S. Rogne, M. S. Bauck, J. Mann-Kalil
    09:00 Distribution Characteristics of Paleo-Karst Zones and Reservoirs in the Fourth Member of Dengying Formation in Gaoshiti Block, Central Sichuan Basin, China
    Q. Xia*
    09:00 Appraising a Forgotten Thin Reservoir: Optimizing the Placement of Horizontal Wells Within the Intra Rahab Sand, Field M, South Oman
    S. A. Al Batrani*
    09:00 Silica Replacement of Rudist Shells
    N. I. Al Fudhaili*, M. López Correa2, 3, A. Munnecke, C. Mazzoli, J. Stolarski
    09:00 Unlocking Potential Opportunities and Addressing Challenges in the Jurassic Mafraq Reservoir in Oman
    G. Al-Rawahi*, A. Al-Harthy, I. Gomez
    09:00 Influence of Well-to-Fault Distance on Hydrothermal Dolomitization and Reservoir Quality
    T. H. Almahamidh*, S. Zhang
    09:00 Sedimentology and Diagenesis of the Upper Jurassic Arab Formation, Southern margin of the Arabian Plate
    F. Alsinan*, M. Deville de Periere, C. Hollis
    09:00 Influence and Model of Deep Hydrothermal Solution on Organic Matter Enrichment in Fault Basin
    Z. Fang*, F. Jiang, D. Chen
    09:00 Role of Depositional Environment in Existence of Low Resistivity-Low Contrast Reservoir in Sandstone X of the Upper Sihapas Formation, Central Sumatera Basin
    M. A. Fiandri*, A. R. SAPUTRA, H. Safrizal
    09:00 Difference Structure-Diagenesis of Ultra-Deep Tight Sandstone Reservoirs and Its Relationship with Reservoir Quality: A Case Study of Dabei Gas Field in Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin
    X. Xu*
  1. Grand Ballroom A & B
    11:00 Speaker W. Bauer*
    11:00 Speaker F. Brett*
  2. Room Grand Ballroom C
    11:05 First Systematic Evaluation of Dolomitized Jurassic Carbonate Platforms, Western High Atlas, Morocco: Processes and Impact on Reservoir Properties
    N. Al-Sinawi*
    11:25 A Sample to Core-Scale Deep-Dive Through Two Vuggy Pre-Cambrian Carbonate Reservoirs, Oman
    J. Emmings*, W. S. Mills, L. Manifold, S. Shankar, O. Ibrahim, G. Rogers, P. Grech, S. A. Al Balushi, K. Al Rahbi, A. McCarthy
    11:45 Numerical Petrographic Analysis of Multi-Scalar Pore System Properties
    S. Maerz*, M. Mutti
    12:05 Subsurface Visualization of Karst Features Induced by the Late Aptian Emersion - Examples from Qatar
    C. Perrin, M. Al-Jaber*, G. Berthereau
  3. Room Meeting Room 8 & 9
    11:05 Success Story of Sub-Thrust Fault Play from New Era Exploration Phase in Sanga Sanga Area, Kutai Basin, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
    R. S. Riadi, A. M. Putranto*, Y. R. Apranda, Y. I. Cakra Putra, A. Darmawan, A. Wulandari, S. Hartanto
    11:25 North Argentina Basin (CAN): A New Frontier Offshore Basin Arising in the South Atlantic Margin
    L. P. Stinco*
    11:45 A Very Unconventional Hydrocarbon Play: The Mesoproterozoic Velkerri Formation of Northern Australia
    A. S. Collins*, M. L. Blades, D. Subarkah, Y. Noorian, J. Soares, A. Deepak, D. Imbrogno, L. Edwards, R. Li, J. Farkas, A. Wilson, C. Spandler, R. King, S. Holford, S. Gilbert, T. Hall
    12:05 Hydrocarbon Potential of West Africa’s Final Frontier: The Namibe Basin
    M. PLUMMER*, T. Hansen
  4. Room Meeting Room 10 & 11
    11:05 Numerical and Experimental Investigation of CO2 Hydrates on Injectivity Decline during CCS in Depleted Gas Fields
    R. Farajzadeh*1, 2, J. Riaño Castañeda, M. Aghajanloo, S. Kahrobaei
    11:25 Evaluation of Stimulation Efficiency and CO2 Storage Capacity of China's First Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir CCUS-EGR Project
    G. Cheng*, A. Jia, Z. Guo, C. Chen, Q. Wang, B. Fu, Y. Jiang, P. Liu
    11:45 The Potential of Ca-Bearing Zeolites in CO2 Mineralization
    A. S. Alqahtani*, M. Addassi, E. Oelkers, H. Hoteit
    12:05 Seal Rock Characterization for CCUS Feasibilty: Case Study from Dutch Offshore North Sea
    H. Boro*
  5. Room Meeting Room 13 & 14
    11:05 The Value of Local Calibration of Column Heights in Prospect Evaluation
    H. N. Bolås*, C. Hermanrud, G. Teige, V. Sangolt, P. Müller
    11:25 Evaluating Structural Control on Clastic Reservoirs Fluid Distribution
    S. A. Alqahtani*, I. Alfraih, M. Mohanna, O. Tuwayrib
    11:45 On the Accuracy of Fault Sealing Calculations
    C. Hermanrud*, P. Müller
    12:05 Synchronous Development of Squeezed Diapirs, Thrust Welds and Reverse Faults: Learnings from Field Examples in the Flinders Ranges and Application to Prolific Basins Such as the Gulf of Mexico
    O. Vidal Royo*, M. G. Rowan, O. Ferrer
  1. Grand Ballroom A & B
    Talal Al-Hosni
    13:55 Speaker M. Al-Kindi*
    13:55 Speaker A. Khalil*
    13:55 Speaker I. Stewart*
  2. Room Grand Ballroom C
    14:00 Precambrian Geology of the Hiyam Dolomite, Hatat Window: An Outcrop Analog to Birba-Buah Reservoirs in North Oman
    I. Gomez*, C. Tansell, K. D. Bergmann, R. McCabe
    14:20 Trace Fossils, Outcrop Observations and Significance of Glossifungites-Demarcated Discontinuity Surfaces in the Jurassic Stratigraphic Succession of Saudi Arabia
    C. Polo*, M. Al-Nazgah, A. Al-Dhubeeb
    14:40 The Eocene Carbonate Platform-to-Basin Transition of Eastern Oman: Insights from a Seismic-Scale, Drone-Based Photogrammetric Outcrop Model
    E. Dujoncquoy*, P. RAZIN, J. Roger, J. Wavrer
    15:00 Haima Supergroup and Nimr Group Outcrops in Northern Oman: Implications for Regional Facies Mapping and Stratigraphic Trapping Potential
    J. Moss*, C. Tansell, I. Gomez, R. McCabe, B. al Thohli
  3. Room Meeting Room 8 & 9
    14:00 Understanding Reservoir Architecture and Diagenesis Away from Boreholes - Insights from Static-to-Dynamic Permeability Ratios in the Barik Tight-Gas Reservoir, Oman
    G. D. Merletti*, S. Motealleh, P. Armitage, K. Al Rashdi, M. Wells, S. N. Al Hajri
    14:20 Breakthrough Thinking Regarding the Enigmatic Athel Siliciylites of the South Oman Salt Basin
    L. Al Kharusi*, A. Al Haddabi
    14:40 Rejuvenating the Balingian Province, Offshore Sarawak: Unearthing the Potential of a Novel Play through a Multi-Disciplinary Approach
    H. B. Hasnan*, G. Malo-Paul, S. Jahaya, A. Salleh, S. Che M Sukri, J. Mishan
    15:00 Accelerating GOGD Long Tail Volumes in Fractured Carbonate Field through Data Integration
    K. H. Barwani*, M. Choudhary, F. Abu Qasida, F. Hosni
  4. Room Meeting Room 10 & 11
    14:00 Characterizing CCUS Sites in Sandy Reservoirs: From Regional Screening to Prospect Identification and Assessment
    F. O. Escosa*, A. Amilibia, O. Vidal Royo
    14:20 Quick Maturation of Carbon Storage Site in Oman by Leveraging Data From Hydrocarbon Development and Global Low-Carbon Initiative
    A. S. AL-ABRI*, N. AlBalushi, S. Al Baloshi, A. ADhahli, A. Di Matteo, R. Al Mjeni, M. Singhal, R. Farajzadeh, N. Borner, F. AlJiroudi
    14:40 Natural Carbon Sequestration in the Oman Mountains by Carbonated Ultramafic Rocks (listwaenite and Fanjaite)
    A. Scharf*, I. Callegari, C. Bailey, F. Mattern, T. Zack, J. Glodny, M. Qasim, A. Ali
    15:00 An Integrated Basin Screening Approach to Identify Carbon Storage Potential in the Java Sea
    J. F. Brachio*, J. Jennings, C. Gravestock, T. Jewell
  5. Room Meeting Room 13 & 14
    14:00 Quantitative Decision-Making in Shale Gas Geology-Engineering-Economy Integration: An Optimization Case Study from the Nanchuan Block
    W. huijun*2, 1, Y. Rui
    14:20 A Self-Learning Hybrid Workflow for Seismic Reservoir Characterization
    A. K. Ray*
    14:40 Automated Pore Classification in Carbonates Using Convolutional Neural Networks with Enhanced Feature Extraction and Pore-Neighborhood Approach
    Y. Qaiser*, I. S. John Jayachandran, M. Ansari, M. Ansari, T. Khan, T. Seers
    15:00 Improved Subsurface Reservoir Characterization Using Cuttings-Based Advanced Image Analysis, Elemental Analysis and AI Algorithms: An Example from the Devonian, Awali Field, Bahrain
    E. Ibrahim, G. M. Oliver*1, 2, G. Almoulani, I. Easow, M. Sanclemente
  1. Room Grand Ballroom A & B
    15:55 AI/ML-Driven Intelligent Forecaster for Oil and Gas Exploration Wells: Predicting Pre-Drilling Preparation Time and Cost Using Historical Data
    A. K. Rahman*, H. Khan, S. Alsubaie
    16:15 Application of a Physics-embedded Machine Learning Workflow to Manage and Optimize Operations of a a Large Waterflood Field
    C. Calad Serrano*, R. Lint, G. Castano, P. Sarma, J. rafiee, S. Abdelmoneim
    16:35 Enabling Digital Transformation by Automating the Well Trajectory Design
    H. Al Tamimi*
    16:55 Operations Optimization and Performance Analytics Powered by Machine Learning and AI
    S. Garg*
  2. Room Grand Ballroom C
    15:55 Petroleum Systems Risk in the Deep Gas Plays of the Middle East: A Regional Screening Approach
    C. Gravestock*, M. Simmons, J. Jennings, O. E. Sutcliffe, T. Jewell
    16:15 Palynological Characterization of Cambro-Ordovician Successions in Saudi Arabia and Oman: Chronostratigraphic and Paleoenvironmental Significance
    M. Vecoli*, C. Cesari, G. Hughes
    16:35 Unveiling the Potential of Lower Cambrian Karim Formation in the Eastern South Oman Salt Basin through Sedimentology and Stratigraphic Evaluation
    H. Al Rawahi*, B. Al Thohli, A. Al Rashdi, S. Al Marjibi, B. Baloushi
    16:55 An Integrated Sedimentological, Geochemical and Rock Mechanical Facies Classification for the Evaporite Facies of the Hith and Arab Formation (Saudi Arabia) - Implications for Seal Integrity
    N. Boehm*, M. Aldossary, J. Andrade Marquez, M. Sierra Hernandez, Y. Kaprielov, F. van Buchem, T. Finkbeiner
  3. Room Meeting Room 8 & 9
    15:55 Innovative Infield Exploration Ideas from a Field Development Exercise: The Case of Yusr Field, Eastern Desert, Egypt
    S. Dronamraju*
    16:15 Hydrocarbon Exploration in Intra-Basinal Highs: Workflow and Best Practices Learnt from the Johan Sverdrup Giant Oil Field
    A. Amilibia*, O. Vidal Royo, F. O. Escosa
    16:35 Characterizing Remaining Potential of the Eastern Flank of the Ghaba Salt Basin, Oman, Using Play Fairway Analysis
    I. Cockerill*, O. Al Mamari, I. Longley, P. Ventris
    16:55 Growing Shuaiba Core Play with Stratigraphic Concept in Mature Basin
    C. Shen*, C. Hasler, Y. Al-Ghaithi, A. Al-Harthy, E. Loubens, J. Roberts, M. Shaibani
  4. Room Meeting Room 10 & 11
    15:55 Hydrocarbon Trapping Mechanisms in Hybrid Conventional and Unconventional Gas System
    K. R. Arouri*, S. A. Alqahtani
    16:15 Kiskunhalas Trough, Southern Hungary: Seismic-Driven Appraisal Program Unlocks Low-Permeability, Syn-rift, Gas-Condensate Play
    P. R. Clarke*, C. Cornelius, M. McChesney
    16:35 An Amplitude Variation-Based Hydrocarbon Detection Method for Coal-Underlying Tight Sandstone
    X. Wang*, G. Zhao, Q. Nie, Y. Meng, S. Xu
    16:55 Unlocking Miqrat Potential with New Integrated Evaluation
    S. N. Al Hajri*, K. Al Rashdi, M. Al-Harthi, G. D. Merletti
  5. Room Meeting Room 13 & 14
    15:55 Detailed Mapping of Sand Injectites Integrating Seismic Attributes and Machine Learning in the Norwegian North Sea
    A. Rumyantseva*, J. Mann-Kalil, S. Mitchell, D. Macaulay
    16:15 Machine Learning Technique (SOM) as a Tool to Define Seismic Facies in a Submarine Delta
    L. Fava*
    16:35 Automated Carbonate and Siliciclastic Core Lithotypes Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks
    E. E. Baraboshkin*, E. A. Panchenko, A. E. Demidov, A. Koeshidayatullah, D. M. Orlov, D. A. Koroteev
    16:55 Geomechanical Facies Classification Using AutoML for a CO2 Storage Project in Sleipner Area, in the Northern North Sea, Norway
    J. D. DIEZ BECERRA*, A. Koeshidayatullah
  1. Grand Ballroom A & B
    Hesham Zubari
    09:00 Speaker H. Mannaerts-Drew*
    09:00 Speaker A. Al Eidi*
    09:00 Speaker D. Rahal*
    09:00 Speaker G. Guerra*
  2. Exhibition Area
    09:00 Unlocking More Upper Gharif Opportunities Through a Robust Work Flow Integrating Core Data, Well Logs, Seismic and Updated Regional Framework
    M. Y. Al Abri*, A. Al Hajri, A. Al-Harthy
    09:00 Evaluation of the Aptian Lower Shuaiba Formation in the Downthrown Block of the Natih Fault Sultanate of Oman
    S. AlBadi*1, 2, M. Farfour, K. AlShuaili
    09:00 New Understandings and Techniques Bring New Discoveries to Mature Basins: An Example from the Melut Basin in Africa
    Z. Shi*, F. Xu
    09:00 Re-Building the Reservoir Architecture through 4-D Field-Life Geodynamics: A Waterflood Management Case Study from South of Oman
    M. AL Senani*
    09:00 An Inventive Development Strategy in Sisi and Nubi Fields Undeveloped Area
    B. Fatkhurroyan*
    09:00 Prospects Maturation of Unique Globigerina Reservoir by Integration of Petrophysics and Advanced Seismic Analysis
    H. Himawan*, I. Sumantri, O. Y. Pahlevi
    09:00 Enhancing Reef Carbonate Identification in the Salawati Basin: Insights from 3D Seismic Data Acquisition in Klamassosa, 2017, Revealing Small-Scale Reefs Beyond the Reach of Existing 2D Seismic Lines
    A. D. Fatahillah*, T. A. Pribadi, F. Ferdy, E. P. Lestari, I. M. Harun, M. R. Adhyatma
    09:00 Multi-Disciplinary Approach for Underexplored Plays in Mature Basins: Case Study from the Pannonian Basin
    D. Nyiri*, C. Zadravecz, G. Marton, N. Szegedi, D. Botka, A. Kiss, S. Lukács
    09:00 Advanced Formation Evaluation Workflow For Clastics Reservoirs
    W. Alward*
    09:00 Integrated Petrophysical Model to Correct Shale Volume for Porosity Determination
    J. M. Al-yahyai*, M. A. Hasani, S. Al-Balushi
    09:00 Optimizing Well Placement in Heterogenous Carbonate Reservoir Utilizing A New Generation of High Definition Mapping Tool
    H. Al Yahyai*1, 2, A. Taher, A. Al Araimi
    09:00 Application of LWD Formation Tester for Reservoir Characterization in Low Permeability Carbontes Wells
    S. AlSawafi*, A. Taher, M. Al Maharbi, A. Das
    09:00 Refining Fracturing Performance Simulations In Tight Gas Reservoirs Integrated Production Forecasting Workflow Models With Advanced Multimaterial Fracture Productivity Calculator: Case Study From Pakistan
    H. Siddiqui*1, 2, R. Ahmed, Q. Hafeez, R. Ahmed, T. Khetib, H. Ali, L. Belyakova, S. Kurniadi, T. Khai
    09:00 Unlocking the Potential: Identification of Early Generating Organofacies in Source Rocks of Assam Shelf
    B. MANDAL*, N. GOEL, S. sethi, K. L. Pangtey
    09:00 Integrated Advanced Surface Analysis and Petrophysics Formation Evaluation for Enhanced Reservoir Characterisation
    S. F. AlTurki*
    09:00 South Viking Graben, Norway – Play Potential of Deep Upper Jurassic Mass Transport Deposits Revealed by Multi-Azimuth Seismic Data
    E. Mueller*, R. Ruiz, R. Cyrille
    09:00 Mature Field Advancement Through Core-Based Flow Unit Reservoir Characterization, Sultanate of Oman
    G. Poduska*, S. McCloskey
    09:00 Integrating Core Data with Well Log Data for Petrophysical Rock Typing and Permeability Estimation: A Case Study of 2nd Eocene Carbonate Reservoirs in the Wafra Field Located in the Onshore Partition Zone (PZ) Between the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    J. Thakur*, M. D. Almejren, R. Subudhi, J. Al-Rubaiyea
    09:00 Optimizing Mature Oil and Gas Provinces: Integration of Low-Carbon Assets, Nearfield Exploration, and Advanced Technologies
    M. Akter*
    09:00 The Evolution of Dual Extended Laterals to Optimize Production and Economics in Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoirs of Oman
    M. Al Adawi*, G. Poduska, S. Al Hinai, H. Al Musalhi, S. Al Rudaini
    09:00 A Case for ‘Old School-New Tools’ in NW Borneo Exploration Portfolio Rejuvenation
    P. A. Restrepo-Pace*, J. Naar
    09:00 Successful Near Field Exploration Case Study from Permian Alkhlata Sandstone and Cambrian Ara/Birba Dolomite Oil Discoveries in the Sultanate of Oman
    P. ariyanto*
    09:00 Unraveling the Complexity of the Low-Resistivity Pay Zones in the Natih Formation
    A. N. Almahadhour*
    09:00 Towards Unlocking the Potential of the Upper Gharif Sands in Block-60, Oman
    S. Z. Al Farqani, K. Djaouti*, N. Mrabti, M. Al Mughairy
    09:00 An Integrated Assessment of the Petroleum Systems of the Central Oman Akhdar Group - New Insights on the Key Ingredients for Success
    A. S. Al Kindi*
    09:00 Strategy to Unlock Hydrocarbon from Middle MM Reservoir (Umm Gudair Field, West Kuwait)
    K. Nguyen*
    09:00 Manal Basal Sands: A New Exploration Concept in the Oman Heartland
    O. Davogustto Cataldo*1, 2, M. Singhal, L. Zhang, I. Al Rajibi, R. Al Mjeni
    09:00 Cretaceous Carbonate Clinoform Stratigraphic Trap Potential in the Partitioned Zone, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
    I. Hakam*1, 2, R. Alsalhi, C. Miler, N. Toomey, J. Ponthier
    09:00 Triassic to Upper Jurassic Depositional Settings Evolution in the Northern Arabian Platform: Integration of Cores, Logs, and 3D Seismic (Northern Iraq)