Muscat International Airport

The Oman Convention & Exhibition Center is just 10 minutes away from the new Muscat International Airport. The total distance is 4 kilometers.



Taxis are available from Muscat International Airport to all destinations in Muscat or other cities, from the taxi area just outside the main terminal building.

The final price for your ride should be indicated by the taximeter. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure that driver starts the meter at the beginning of the trip, and it shows the minimum rate or initial service. It is possible to request your invoice once you arrive at your destination.

UBER & Careem

Uber and Careem are not available in Muscat, but you can download a number of apps which are similar. Mwasalat, which is government owned, is metered and works in a similar way. You’ll be connected with a driver and given an estimated arrival time, you can pay by cash or card and you’ll get a digital receipt at the end. OTaxi is also popular in Muscat, but you cannot use this at the airport, malls or major hotels as these areas are restricted to Mwasalat taxis only.

Visa Information

International travelers visiting Oman, excluding Gulf Cooperation Council Nationals, must obtain visas for the entirety of their visit. The Royal Oman Police oversees immigration and visa matters. Travelers are advised to verify visa requirements with the nearest Omani embassy or their airline.

To obtain a visa, all passengers must have a passport valid for more than 6 months.

To obtain detailed information regarding visas for Oman, please visit the official online visa portal of Oman, known as Oman eVisa. Additionally, you can verify your eligibility for an e-visa by visiting this website.

If you are not entitled to an e-visa or a visa on arrival and need additional support, please contact AAPG's local travel agent at [email protected]

Visa Letter

Contact [email protected] if you require a letter from AAPG to support your visa application. 

Please Note: AAPG has no influence over the issuance of a visa. The decision of whether or not to grant a visa is at the sole discretion of officials who review the application. AAPG cannot change the decision of any governmental agency that denies a visa application.