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Core Display Sessions

Monday, 30 September – Wednesday, 2 October 2024, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.  |  Muscat, Oman

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Permian and Mesozoic Units of Arabian Peninsula

Examining subsurface cores of the Permian and Mesozoic units of the region. These cores will allow participants to study different units lithologies, sedimentary features and diagenetic alterations from different localities in the region to construct a better understanding of the units’ distribution, reservoir and seal pairs and heterogeneity. Furthermore, the sessions are proposed to feature discussions on reservoir and seal quality integrated with wireline logs. This core viewing session is also connected with the Jabal Akhdar Fieldtrip in which attendees will be able to compare the sections seen in the outcrops with subsurface cores.

The Unique Geological Features from Oman

This theme allows attendees to dive through various cores that illustrate geological importance from the subsurface of Oman. Oman holds the type section of the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary which was dated through Zircon geochronolgy. Silicilyte is one of the rare chert hydrocarbon  reservoirs that is found in Oman which has been producing oil since the 1990’s. The Ophiolite Sequence in Oman is the world’s largest and best preserved thrust sheet of oceanic crust and upper mantle that is found in the subsurface in Oman. The cores from the Ophiolite Sequence is also connected with the Ophiolite Fieldtrip in which attendees will be able to compare the sections seen in the outcrops with subsurface.

  • Session sub-theme 1: The Precambrian-Cambrian boundary in Oman
  • Session sub-theme 2: The Precambrian Deep Basinal Silicilyte
  • Session sub-theme 3: The Ophiolite Sequence of Oman

*Core display sessions will be held over the 3 days of the conference in the exhibition area at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. Timing of display sessions will be announced in the final program.


Core Display Sessions
Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre
Muscat, Masqat